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Mission Statement:

"To help you enjoy your Classic CitroŽn to the full"

Here, we hope, is the biggest, best and most up-to-date collection of technical information about the Classic CitroŽns. The documents are presented with the wish that they may help more people keep these wonderful cars going, so we can continue to see them on the roads..

Andrť CitroŽn didn't care to drive himself - he preferred his wife to drive - but he established a remarkable series of companies, culminating, at the end of the first World War, with the Sociťtť Anonyme Andrť CitroŽn, where he decided to start car production in a large and well-equipped artillery-shell factory he had established in Paris.  He proceeded to take on a number of imaginative people, many of them self-taught, and gave them the means and the encouragement to design a series of increasingly extraordinary and revolutionary cars.  Some features of their maintenance and use require skills and understanding which you may not have learned from cars of other makes...

Getting to understand and care for these remarkable cars is part of the delight of owning them.  In many ways they still perform better than most modern cars, and some of them are astonishingly beautiful, inside and out.  They are not especially difficult to look after, but they are different, and we need to be ready to enjoy this!

Here, to help you, are gathered together the efforts of many generous-spirited people around the world who have scanned, or lent for scanning, factory service manuals, parts lists, handbooks and other technical information.  There are also publications from companies who supplied parts to or for CitroŽn in the period, and individual 'essays' describing some features of the cars in greater detail, written more recently by enthusiasts.

As things stand, this site covers the front-wheel-drive cars, starting with the earliest Traction Avant, through the D-series cars and the SM up to the last CX and GS and including the long-lived A-series two-cylinder cars.

Our purpose here is to help you enjoy your classic CitroŽn to the full.

Please get in touch and help if you can!


  • Content for inclusion on the site: Tony Jackson
  • Broken Links/Feedback/Suggestions on site layout: Mick Popka


*NOTE: If you need answers to technical questions on your model we would suggest that you search the Yahoo Groups to find and join one or more of the forums which have been set up by owners to discuss things and to help each other.

See the "Forums" page for a list that has been compiled of some of the forums out there in the "Wild Wild Web"!

A full list of the manuals available on this site can be found here

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Credits: Tony Jackson for collecting the content and all of the contributors of the content including:

Paul Anders
Fred & Barry Annells (Fred "passed on" in 2014)
Mark L Bardenwerper
Alec Bilney
Poul Christensen
Walter Callens
Andy Cartwright
Paul & Pat Defelice
"Red" Dellinger (Deceased 2009)
Bob Dirks (aka "Buttercup Bob")
Stan George
Maurice Gunderson
Steve Hammond
Bill Heacox
Alistair Hickling
Jonathan Hopper
Joe Hovel
Dale Ice
Harold Kulstad
Marcus Lasance
Shane Leviston (who started the process)
Alistair Macintosh
Julian Marsh
Vic Moran
Graham Morton
Jint Nijman
John Ogborne
Nils Oheler
Alistair Pattillo
  Pomoini Paolo
Ulf Peterman
Andrť Pol
Mick Popka
Gerry Propsting
Brad Putchat
Adam Reif
Chris Ryle
Dirk Sassen
Harry Sheil
Richard Sheil

Jack Shotton
Howard Spiers
David Stone
Akitoshi Suzuki
Swedish B11 Club
John Titus
Andrew Todd
Nick Verdin
Pierre Verpeaux
Chas Vyse
Karel Beukema toe Water
Carter Willey
Roger Wilkinson
Jan Winkler
Steve Wright
All members of the 2CV, DS, ID and TA-L Yahoo Groups


With apologies to anyone who has been omitted!

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